Spring is my favorite

Beautiful colors, baby animals, dyeing eggs, Easter baskets and Easter church service, chirping birds and sunshine. I LOVE Spring!

Here are some highlights from the past week of Easter festivities.

Dyeing eggs is just the best. Quinn had fun experimenting with rubber bands, tape and plastic wrap (his idea). Next year Beck can join in the action!

On Saturday we headed to Nebraska City to visit Arbor Day Farm. They were having some special Easter festivities (including baby animals!!). We had never been and I was completely amazed at the whole park. They had cool structures for kids to climb on and tons of educational stops on the all the trails. I would highly recommend it!

Baby chicks! Soooo cute! Beck really wanted to get his hands on that fuzzy little chick. He loves animals.


Your admission to the park includes a free tree and this is where they are born.

Listening to nature...

We had a great time and the boys both fell asleep as soon as we drove away. : )

Easter morning began at 4:15 am when Quinn stormed into our bedroom telling us that we had to "get up and hunt for eggs!!". We were able to get him back to bed until 6:30, but I don't think any of us were able to sleep much in between. But the Easter bunny delivered and we spent the morning hunting for eggs, going to church and having brunch with family.

Happy Spring everyone!