Life Updates (and a fun video)

A lot has changed since my last post! I know that many of my readers follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram as well. But for those of you who don't, I'll get you up to speed.

We had a new baby in July! His name is Beck Grayson and he is the best. Here's his birth announcement:

Then, when little Beck was almost 2 months old, I got back to work and this fall was one of my busiest photography seasons yet! Here are some of my favorite photos from September, October and November:


It was fun! And a little crazy! BUT because of all the fun craziness this little blog went dormant for a bit. And I'm perfectly okay with that. I knew I'd get back here eventually.  : )

Moving on...

Over the past few weeks I've been playing around with the HD video function on my camera (super fun). I'm not sure why I haven't used it much before now, because it produces stunning video! So I decided to put together a video of baby Beck at 6 months old.

It's a little lengthy for the average viewer, but it was made for my own selfish purposes! If you don't want to watch the full 5 minutes, you must watch the first 30 seconds, and 1:15 for a funny cameo from big brother Quinn. Check it out!

Time is flying with baby #2 and I don't want to forget this age! Or any age, for that matter. Which is why next I'll be working on a video of Quinn in all his three-and-a-half year old glory. That one might be a little more involved (what with all the talking and moving that he does), but I'm excited to get started!