New room for Q

As we await the arrival of our second little boy, we recently transitioned 3 year old Quinn into his big boy room. He moved in last month, and seems to love it! He is proud of his bed and has done pretty well going from a crib to a twin bed (although he loved to test out his new freedom at bedtime by coming out to chat).

We didn't have much of a budget for this room, but I acquired certain things over the course of the last 6 months knowing that I wanted to colors to be navy blue, gray and orange. There is a very slight "truck motif" with the sheets and a couple of items on shelves, but mostly just a color theme.

The best thing about the room is that the beautiful bed and rails were designed and built by my husband. The rails just slide under the mattress on each side and can be removed at any time. I LOVE the design, and the rails have worked out wonderfully to keep Quinn safe.

The dresser and nightstand were garage sale finds and John painted them white. The golf ball basket on the dresser was also a garage sale find and was already the perfect color of orange! It holds socks : ) The lamp base (Goodwill) and the "Q" on the wall were spray painted bright orange.

We knew we needed some additional storage for books and toys, but really didn't want to spend the money on a brand new piece. Then we remembered that we had a really cool  cabinet in the garage that had been waiting for a home. We picked it up about 5 years ago as we drove through small town Wahoo, NE. Someone had set it out by the curb and it was free! The owners told us it had come from the Wahoo library. I love the mid-century design and am so glad we finally found a use for it.

The painting above the cabinet was made for Quinn by my dad a couple of years ago when Q was particularly fond of the moon. I love how the colors work in this room.

I think he likes it : )


Now that Quinn is comfy in his new pad we are ready for baby #2!