Springtime School Activities

As the wife of a teacher, our family calendar runs from August to August. I have never been into New Year's resolutions or gotten too excited about the start of a new year because nothing really changes for us in January. I love the fact that we get more time together in the summer and that the start of a new "year" comes in the fall.

So as the 2014 school year comes to a close, there has been a flurry of springtime activity for Quinn and I to enjoy alongside Mr. Balcer. A couple of years ago he started a boys running club at his school called "Gents on the Go". Some of you may have heard of "Girls on the Run", which is a national organization. John thought it would be fun to start up a group for boys at his school that teaches running and also emphasizes gentlemanly behavior. So he chose the name, wrote the curriculum, and organized the group. Fast forward a couple of years, and the other schools have created similar groups and joined the girls in a culminating spring 5K.

It was a gorgeous morning to be outside!

As the music teacher, Mr. Balcer also directs the school choir. And interestingly enough, his sister is the music teacher at the neighboring elementary school. So this year they decided to collaborate on their performance at the school's annual carnival. We lucked out on more gorgeous weather and Quinn had a blast watching the choirs and checking out all the fun activities.

These were only two of the many activities that we've attended recently. I'm constantly amazed at how hard this guy works for his students and how incredibly creative and talented he is. He SO deserves this upcoming summer break!