As some of you know, I am a contributor at, which is a photo blog written specifically for female photographers. Our goal has always been to inspire women who are interested in photography regardless of their level of experience or camera gear. Everyone is welcome and we encourage expressive photography by shooting what you love and letting that emotion shine through your lens.

I just returned from a retreat called Camp Shutter Sisters at a place called Asilomar in Pacific Grove, CA, where I was fortunate enough to spend time with 70 of our readers and contributors. There's no way to fully describe my time there and that's ok with me. I'm still processing it myself. All I can say is that I didn't expect to be so transformed by the experience. The women I met are beautiful and inspiring. The location and surroundings were peaceful and serene. In the end, I left with new friends and a deeper understanding of myself. "At a photography workshop?", you say.

I know, I know. Just trust me.

I'll share a handful of photos below, but you can see the full set on Flickr.