Henry is a toddler!

Henry is the son of our good friends from Chicago, and is a frequent subject on this blog. They came to Omaha for a visit a couple of weeks ago. He changes so much in between visits, so I like to get some photos each time.

Playing guitar with Uncle John

Workin the camera! I think I hear Madonna singing "Vogue" in the background : )

Love those big blue eyes

One day we went to Mahoney State Park where all of Henry's dreams came true. There were horses!!! He is very good at making horse noises.

Dad and Uncle John walking Henry down to the lake to go see some geese. Also very exciting for a toddler!

We went to THREE farmer's markets while they were here. We are hard core.

Chillin in a coffee shop like a big boy

I can't wait to see what Henry's up to the next time we get to see him. He is a sweet, smart little guy!