The Best of Boulder

We took a trip to Boulder, CO last month to visit our good friends Brad, Teresa and little Kai and had such a fun time. I took tons of pictures while I was there. In fact, I took so many that it has taken me a looong time to go through them all. But I am officially done and am determined to actually PRINT some of them for an album. I know! Crazy idea, right?

These are some of my favorites:

Heading out for a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park at 6:00am


One day we walked around Louisville, CO which was a cute little town with shops and restaurants surrounded by cute bungalow houses.

Brad and Kai walking down Main St.

Brad, Teresa and Kai walking down the railroad track. I love how Kai's pulling his little suitcase and looks like he's about to hop a train.

We saw this awesome cat with different colored eyes.

Then we sat down and had some yummy Italian ice

On Memorial Day, John and Brad ran the Bolder Boulder 10k race.

Back at the house, Kai enjoys one of his favorite activities, searching for roly poly bugs.

He and mommy put on their special bug finding glasses

The dogs, Indy & Tiber

That's all for now! Except I just remembered that John took pictures with his camera too and I haven't even downloaded them yet. I told him that his mission was to get some pictures of me so that there would be a record of me on the trip. Maybe I'll post some of those later.