Henry's Owl

I swear I'm not that obsessed with owls. But it just so happens that the last two creative projects I've done with my hands have involved owls.

This latest project was a Christmas/1st birthday gift for our friend Henry's nursery. His mom Kathleen saw these woodland creatures I made last year and thought Henry would like to have one. So I made him his very own owl art!

I made this by starting with a blank 10x12 (I think) canvas. Then I painted it a mustard color using a mixture of acrylic paint. Henry's nursery walls are blue, so I thought this yellow color would be a nice complimentary color.


Then I spent some time cutting textures out of magazines and catalogs. I was mainly looking for browns and oranges with subtle texture. Then I just started cutting out pieces! All of his little feathers are separate pieces of paper.

When I was done I coated the entire canvas with Mod Podge.