point & shoot

Last weekend John and I headed to Peoria for my 10 year high school reunion. It was a short trip, but we did spend Saturday with my dad. He has created a section of natural prairie in his front yard, so we spent some time looking at all of the beautiful flowers and grasses.

I did not bring my big professional camera with me to Peoria, because sometimes I just need a break from lugging it around. But I did bring my tiny, lightweight point & shoot. This just shows that you don't need a fancy camera to get really nice pictures.

Later we headed to the reunion, where I got to hang out with some of my favorite people!

My bff Michelle, who I met on the bus freshman year of high school.

On the left, Lilly, a great friend who didn't even go to my high school. But I was so thrilled that she showed up.

Lilly & Billy...how cute are they?

Johnny and me : )

I've got more client photos to come this week, so check back soon!