Chicago Sessions

A few months ago I contacted all of my Chicago friends and aquaintances and let them know that I'd be in town and available for photo sessions in July. I booked three family sessions during our stay in Chicago. Being able to photograph some of our oldest friends with their new families was an honor and a lot of fun for me. I also need to thank John for assisting me on all three shoots. He carried my camera bag and props, mastered the reflector, and most importantly did a comedy routine behind me with a rubber duck.

These are some of my favorites from the first session with Erin, Andrew and 2 year old Hadley.

Check out Hadley sitting on a park bench checking her schedule on her iPhone! Ok, so it was her mom's phone and she was looking at pictures, but still super cute.

Thanks Erin, Andrew and Hadley for choosing me to photograph your beautiful family!

I'll be posting sneak peaks from the other two Chicago sessions soon!