Quick Trip

John and I road-tripped it to Boulder, CO last week for a few days. We have good friends who live there and we love going to visit them in the summer. Boulder is such an amazing town and I grow to love it more each time I visit.

Before we left Omaha we stopped for coffee and donuts at HyVee (grocery store). I thought their slogan was so funny. Very modest and humble.

This visit was short and sweet and John and I spent a day on Pearl St. bumming around with our cameras. I've been teaching John how to use an SLR, so it was fun to see some of his shots (maybe I'll post some of his later).

P.S. I buzzed John's hair off before we left (at his request). I like it and think it makes his blue eyes pop. It's also really soft, like petting a chinchilla. Yes, I HAVE touched a chinchilla and they are ridiculously soft.

The night before leaving we went out for a romantic dinner at a great restaurant called Carelli's.

Thank you Brad, Teresa and little Kai for hosting us again!