Four clumsy things I did this morning:

1. Drove John to work this morning and we both wanted coffee. On the way to the coffee shop I missed the turn. Had to go 2 blocks out of the way.

2. Spilled coffee on my white t-shirt while driving on gravel roads.

3. Went for a walk, stepped in dog poop.

4. Tried to pour myself a bowl of Cheerios. Missed the bowl and poured them all over the floor.


I am LOVING this weather! The grass is getting greener, the trees are getting leaves! My brain is overloaded with ideas for photo sessions and new locations. In fact, that's why I missed the turn to the coffee shop this morning. I was looking at a possible location and daydreaming.


Does anyone else have completely embarassing songs on their iPod ONLY because they are good for working out? I downloaded a couple today that I wouldn't want to admit.


My new favorite lunch:

16 Wheat Thins spread with a thin layer of cream cheese topped with a tiny piece of sliced ham.

1 half of a grapefruit