Things I did this weekend:

walked around Dundee with John on Friday evening

ate many homemade chocolate chip cookies made by John

two fun family photo sessions on Saturday

watched the Huskers at friends house on Saturday night, ate pizza, drank beer

went to the music store with John on Sunday so he could pick out his guitar (birthday gift from family members and me).

watched the Bears almost win the game last night


Things I see around me right now:

baby hats

coffee mugs

colorful felt

the Martha Stewart Show


Things I am feeling right now:



procrastinatorial (made that word up)




Things I am wanting right now:

plain colored, cotton, long sleeved t-shirts

cardigan sweaters

a new computer

a new car

green bean casserole



Things I want to do right now, but can't:

go to Italy

take pictures for fun




How about you? Pick a category (or more) and leave your list in the comments. I need some company : )