Field Trip

Last week I took my three year old nephew to the zoo. I had never been to the Omaha zoo and I think I was just as excited to go as he was! It was kind of a gray and overcast Thursday morning so we didn't have to worry about any crowds (which was great). We had a good time checking out all the animals. I'm thinking this tiger thought we looked pretty tasty.



 There were peacocks roaming around freely everywhere! I thought that was pretty cool.



I think our favorite animals to watch were the gorillas because they are so freakishly human sometimes. This one kept staring right at us and picking it's nose. Lovely.


Before I knew it, I had a hungry and tired little boy on my hands and it was time to leave. We took a little tram ride back to the entrance and I think that was his favorite part of the whole day. He's easy to please!