There's nothing cuter than an adorable hat on a baby or child. And when it comes to photography they serve a dual purpose. Besides being cute and stylish, they have a way of framing the face and drawing you to the child's eyes. I tend to focus my portraits on the eyes, so a hat would just intensify that look. Here are some examples of what I'm talking about from a few of my favorite photographers:

Audrey Woulard is famous for using hats on babies, and she does is WELL. 

Here's a sweet one from Leigh Taylor.

 A perfect example on this little guy from Summer Knobloch.

 See what I mean?

And even though little Nixon didn't have his eyes open here, this hat still helps to frame his face (and it's cute).


Look at him! He loves it so much he's holding on to it with his left hand! I picked his hat up at Target and got a pink one while I was at it. I've been browsing the internet and found quite a few handmade hats on etsy. This shop has a ton of hand knitted kid's hat's including this one, which I love:



This shop has a wide array of color options for this girly style:


 Aren't those cute for spring? I am anxious to get out and try out the "hat technique"!